Thank you for coming to the Paperback Show website. I've spent the last six months creating episodes for the podcast and am delighted to finally be sharing them with everyone. 

My name is Ricky Lee Grove. I've been working in bookstores for over 40 years. As I relate in Ep 1 of the Paperback Show, I got my first job in a used paperback bookstore near my home. I love books and have been collecting them for decades. Paperbacks are my particular passion. Over the years, I've amassed a large collection of paperbacks many of them are vintage (from the 40s,50s and 60s). I started selling books online via Amazon and Ebay several years ago and just recently created  a store that will service this Podcast. The store is called Grove Used Books and I set it up on Big Cartel which looks so great. I've got about 75 hand-picked titles in the store right now, but hope to bring up the total to 500 over this year (2022). 

I'll be offering special discounts and freebies to listeners of the Paperback Show podcast and will feature new books for every episode. Look for the links the show notes or click the tab "Grove Used Books" at the top of this site. 

I love reading and spend hours every day just living inside of a good book. I don't have any particular favorites, so my range of subjects is quite wide. If I were pushed to decide, I'd probably say science fiction is my favorite. My only real criteria for reading a book is that should be good. As I've gotten older, I have no patience for books that are badly written or filed with racism or bias. Out it goes!

I'll be sharing new episodes of the Paperback Show approximately every two weeks, although that timeline may vary depending upon the length of the show. 

Look for complete show notes in every episode where I share my research on books and authors featured. I also have a link to my favorite links. One thing I'll be doing is sharing a lot of paperback book covers in blog posts and for each episode. I have no copyright on the covers (most have vanished anyway), so feel free to copy or download. 

Thanks for reading this. I'll see you at a bookstore sometime. I'm the guy trying to balance a dozen paperbacks while reaching for another one on the shelf!

Ricky Lee Grove