Orie Hitt Sleaze Cover Gallery

I've put together a small gallery of Orie Hitt paperback covers. Most of the images are from a great Flickr gallery/group "Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks". There are so many collections of Sleaze covers on the net, just google or bing search "vintage sleaze". Artists who created many of these covers are featured in a fabulous book, "Sin-A-Rama" edited by Adam Parfrey and B. Astrid Daley, published by Feral House. 

Some of the great sleaze cover artists are Robert Bonfils, Gene Bilbrew, Eric Stanton, Bill Ward, and a personal favorite, Darrel Millsap. Many sleaze cover artists were uncredited and were glad for it because, like the writers of sleaze, they had careers in strait illustration that would be jeopardized if it were known they did sleazy sex covers.